AR-15 Reviews

AR 15 Rifle Reviews

The first thing to determine when choosing a AR-15 rifle is to ask yourself, “For what purpose am I purchasing this rifle?” Once you answer that question, it makes it a lot easier to narrow your search to a specific model and manufacturer of the AR 15 .

Target shooting.
Home defense.

You need to make sure the AR 15 rifle company is reputable in the industry. It’s best to ask knowledgeable people, and use an internet search engine to look up information about the company and what others have to say about them, especially if they have had repeated issues. Every company from time to time will have an issue with their manufacturing, so you should also look up how a company acts and works with the customers when these issues do arise.

You should also make sure the AR15  you’re planning to purchase has a warranty or guarantee.

What is Legal?

Some states have restrictions on magazine size and types of rifles which you should know before trying to purchase additional magazines for your rifle.You need to check your state law to confirm what size magazine is legal.

Key Takeaway

Determine your purpose for purchasing the AR-15.
Some common purposes for purchasing an AR-15 include target shooting, hunting, home defense, and competition.
See if the company has a satisfying reputation.
Look for a great warranty or guarantee to save you from encountering issues in the future.
Check your state law to confirm what size magazine is legal.

For a more indepth guide on buying a AR-15 click here!

“The AR-15 is a military and civilian gas-operated rifle that has been produced in many different versions, including semi-automatic, burst fire, and fully automatic variants. It is lightweight, magazine-fed, air-cooled, fires an intermediate cartridge, and is manufactured with extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials.”

“The AR-15 was first built in 1959 by ArmaLite as a small arms rifle for the United States armed forces. Because of financial problems, ArmaLite sold the design to Colt. After some modifications, the redesigned rifle was adopted as the M16 rifle. In 1963, Colt started selling the semi-automatic version of the rifle for civilians designated as the Colt SP1. Although the name “AR-15″ remains a Colt registered trademark, variants of the firearm are made, modified, and sold under various names by multiple manufacturers.”

by Wikipedia